Comparison of ANDGOOD UPS and Open Frame UPS
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We often get some questions that what's the difference between your UPS and other UPS? Why your UPS is more expensive than those open frame power supplies?

ANDGOOD UPS can be considered as "UNDER-RATED".  The Rated Power is actually higher than you feel. We use standard rating to promote our power supplies. For example, when we promote SIHD1203N-01B, we usually will say it's 12V 3A (36W) UPS, excluding the battery charging current. The output has definitely 3A to the load, and ADDITIONAL 1A (Max) charging current. ANDGOOD 36W power supply actually has 54.4W rated power while the open frame 35W has 35W rated power. Same as the 60W UPS

Open frame power supply promotes with full power, including charging current. You can see their rated power is the same as they promote in their model no.

It's applied to all of ANDGOOD power supplies. The power of most ANDGOOD power supplies is 1.5 TIMES HIGHER than what it shows in the model no. and promoting.