ANDGOOD's Spring Tour
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Shenzhen Andgood organized the spring outing in 2017

On March 4
th 2017, all the people of Shenzhen ANDGOOD gathered together to start the spring outing in 2017.

The first destination is Dapeng Fortress where is located in the east of Shenzhen.

After visiting Dapeng, we headed to our second destination: Yangmeikeng where our employees had some bike riding along the coast.

After the bike exercising, all the employees started to prepare their BBQ lunch next to the sea where they all enjoyed the excellent view and food. They shared food with each other to get more closed relationship between co-workers.

The next activity was to take the boat to the Valentine’s island.

The last activity was to have real-time CS game to build up team work and cooperation.

Shenzhen ANDGOOD would always organize all the employees to have some outing and trip to have some rest from
the busy work and also strengthen the team work and relationship between each other.